April 1st, 2024

You’re not alone. No one ever finds approaching their parents about senior living easy. But waiting until the last minute only adds drama to this major life transition. To help out, we put together several insightful tips on how to ease your aging loved ones into the big move.

From Open Mind to Action Plan
“What happens when…” Start with a question. Ask Mom and Dad about their feelings towards senior care options and retirement communities in Hawaii. What happens when they’ll no longer be able to live independently? Define living independently. Would they consider independent living in Honolulu at a senior home? Once you’ve discussed these questions, put together a plan of action.

Time & Space
If your parents aren’t ready to consider senior living, if they can cope with independence—physically and mentally—it could be best to give them time and space. You might be surprised by their ability to care for themselves. If the situation proves to be more than they can handle, it’ll allow them to see for themselves how they’d benefit from senior living communities in hawaii.

Care from the Comfort of Home
The least strenuous transition is no transition at all. Some families will want to turn to a visiting nurse or someone to help with everyday tasks at home. However, it’s important to consult with a senior living professional to help determine if this should be one of your senior care options.

Focus on the Good
Make it a matter of perspective. Your loved ones aren’t having to transition to senior living, they’re getting to move somewhere where everything will be taken care of. No more cooking and cleaning, doing the laundry or running errands. Some of the best retirement communities in Hawaii feature scenic settings with five-star dining, beautiful private rooms, fitness programs, and engaging activities. Keep it positive.

Explore Together
There are many amazing senior care options all over Hawaii. Choose a few that you and your parents find promising, arrange guided tours, and see what they think. Reassure them you’re just looking, not committing. Make it fun and exciting, and always let mom or dad feel like they have a major say in choosing when and where to move.

Factor in Illness Progression
A progressively debilitating condition can weigh heavily on your loved ones. So it should be given considerable weight when it comes to your decision. Make a plan based on the likely course of the illness, give yourself wiggle room, and ease the pressure of rushing into a potentially wrong decision.

Overcoming the “Final Residence” Fear
The anxiety and uncertainty that comes with moving to a senior living home—from assisted living to independent living in honolulu—usually has nothing to do with the new residence and everything to do with facing mortality. Sometimes, one-one-one counseling or a visit with a pastor or priest can offer peace when it comes to making the transition.

Leaving home and moving into senior living inevitably comes with a sense of loss and abandonment. But with love and compassion, you can comfort your loved ones, and help them navigate this major life transition.

Questions? We’re here for you and your family, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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