April 15, 2024

Going from life at home to life in senior living can be an emotional rollercoaster. Whether it’s a move to independent living in Honolulu, assisted living, or one of the many retirement communities in Hawaii, you can follow these steps to feel at ease.

Embrace your feelings

Relief, anxiety, optimism, stress. There’s a full spectrum of feelings that can arise as you transition your loved one into senior living. And guess what? It’s perfectly okay to feel whatever you feel. Embrace your emotions rather than resist them, so you can empathize with your loved ones as they process the change.

Talk openly, listen intently

With all senior care options, questions and concerns will likely come up. Make sure to talk honestly and caringly with your loved one and, more importantly, make them feel heard. A nurse or staff member can always assist you with any issue and can help you both feel comfortable.

Explore their new home together

Senior living communities in Hawaii have so much to offer. Get to know the home together: stop by the common room, introduce yourselves to neighbors, tour the facilities, check out all the amenities, review upcoming events and programs. An afternoon of exploration will help turn anxiety into excitement.

Meet the support network

Among the best aspects of Hawaii senior living is that residents are often there for each other. So encourage your loved one not to be shy. Meet their new neighbors before helping them move in. This is one of the most reliable ways to help the transition. Make sure to also introduce yourself and provide contact info to caregivers and nurses. This will not only be comforting to you, but will reassure staff knowing they can reach out if anything comes up.

It’s all alright

We all process change differently. But, as you get your loved one settled into senior living, you can relax knowing you’ve made the right decision. Health hazards and difficulties will now be diligently attended to, dining and cleaning are all taken care of, and a new social life is just beginning. Your loved one will now be completely at ease—and you should be too.

For more information on what to expect, contact our friendly staff at The Plaza Assisted Living.

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