May 6th, 2024

Senior living isn’t what you think… and in the best way possible. Moving an elderly relative or parent into one of the many retirement communities in Hawaii comes with a certain set of expectations—many of which are either outdated or untrue. It’s time to rethink senior living with these four surprising facts:

Fact #1: Moving doesn’t mean leaving home behind
Senior living communities in Hawaii want their residents to feel at home. This means giving them the option to bring their own furniture, belongings, or anything else that makes their new living situation feel comfortable and personal. Most senior care options will even accommodate household pets that are coming along for the move. The goal of Hawaii senior living is to give your elderly family all the care they need, while disrupting their routines and daily lifestyles as little as possible.

Fact #2: Your loved one will find a thriving social environment
The best retirement communities in Hawaii offer residents all kinds of planned activities and shared amenities. From hula classes to arts and crafts, game nights to exercise programs—there’ll be plenty of opportunities to engage in community activities. For everyday socializing, residents can visit the library, stop by the salon, spend time outdoors, or relax with friends in the common room. Modern senior care options will make sure to meet the needs of those from underrepresented backgrounds, employing multi-lingual staff members so that every resident will feel properly cared for and understood.

Fact #3: Senior living is cozy & comfy, not cold & clinical
Hawaii senior living offers your loved one all the care they need, without sacrificing the feeling of home. Easy access to medical assistance does not equate to a living situation that lacks warmth or feels clinical. Many facilities will ensure that care and assistance are woven into everyday life in a way that feels natural. With a top-notch nursing staff and a cozy setting, residents get the best of both worlds.

Fact #4: Senior living does not have to break the budget
Today, senior care options are more affordable than ever. While many communities have unique expenses, these costs may still be much less than the cost of an in-home caregiver. And for working professionals, time spent tending to an elderly loved one can come with career sacrifices. For further financial assistance, it’s possible to consider government programs that have expanded to cover assisted living. If you’re considering senior living, our team at The Plaza can always help you find a plan that fits.

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