4 Suprising Facts About Assisted Living Communities

January 16th, 2019


Like many Americans, at some point you may face the challenge of finding care for your elderly relatives. If your parents, siblings or extended family members require regular help, assisted living apartments offer caring solutions that can dramatically increase your loved ones’ quality of life and sense of well-being.

As with many aspects of elderly health, however, people have numerous misconceptions about senior living. Here are some unexpected surprises that you’ll discover as you learn more about senior housing on Oahu.

Fact #1 – Your Relative Can Bring All the Comforts of Home With Them

Although change is a part of any move, modern senior apartments do a lot to accommodate their occupants’ preferences. The old idea that the apartments will be bland or lacking in stimulation and homey comforts has given way to new standards and modes of thinking. When your relative enters a senior living arrangement, their home is truly theirs. They are free to keep their own furniture, belongings, and anything else they need to make their space feel more like home.

One of the biggest ways senior living communities make their residents feel at home is to allow them to continue living with their pets and generally stick to their daily lifestyle and routines. Contemporary homes cater to those with lifelong companions, and even if your elderly family member doesn’t have an animal pal of their own, the regularly scheduled pet therapy sessions gives them a chance to reap the many benefits of spending time with a fluffy companion.

Fact #2 – Your Relative Will Socialize… And Often!

The best senior housing communities offer a variety of activities and opportunities to socialize on a daily basis. From gentle exercise and hula classes, to arts and crafts, to game nights, your relative will have their choice of opportunities for social engagement and personal enrichment. Beyond planned activities, the Plaza’s residents have access to several different community spaces, allowing them to live a completely normal, independent life. From visiting the library, to getting their hair done at the salon, to just sitting outdoors and enjoying the beautiful island sights and weather, there are ample opportunities for social activity and engagement.

Modern senior residences also meet the needs of individuals from underrepresented backgrounds. Many communities even have staff members who speak multiple languages so that your relative will feel truly cared for and understood.

Fact #3 – Senior Homes Are Cozy and Comfy, Not a Sterile Clinic

Although senior residences provide easier access to medical assistance, they’re far from nursing homes. As their name implies, assisted living facilities work to address many distinct aspects of life in a naturalistic fashion. AARP experts note that some facilities are structured like regular communities that come complete with separate apartments and residences.

Assisted living communities commonly offer perks like banks, salons, cafés, private bathrooms and in-unit kitchens. Your decision to relocate your relative doesn’t have to condemn them to a cold setting that lacks the creature comforts they’re accustomed to having. They can continue to enjoy their privacy, pursue hobbies like gardening, and keep their personal possessions close by.

Fact #4 – Senior Living Does Not Have to Break the Budget

Even though many families automatically assume that they’ll pay a lot to move their relatives into an assisted living community, this is increasingly less so. While senior communities include unique expenses, these costs may still be significantly less than hiring an in-home caregiver. For working professionals, time spent caring for elderly relatives can equate to major career sacrifices. The AARP notes that more states are expanding government programs to cover assisted living residences, so these options may be increasingly sustainable in the long run.

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