Jessica Gong
The Plaza Assisted Living 900 Fort Street Mall #1300, Honolulu, HI 96813, USA (808) 628-7395 (808) 628-7605

Jessica Gong

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jessica Gong is the Digital Marketing Specialist for The Plaza Assisted Living. In this role, she is responsible for managing The Plaza’s Digital Marketing. Jessica works to expand The Plaza’s reach online while developing meaningful connections with The Plaza’s audience. She brings over 10 years of market experience in Digital Marketing, Broadcast, Print, and Sales.

From 2018-2021, she has worked with various community organizations, such as Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Kukui Center and Hawaii Children & Youth Day Organization.

Jessica has received Community Partner recognition from the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Kukui Center for her work with their various non-profit organizations to develop their marketing strategies. As well as a Conch Shell Award from The Mediation Center of the Pacific, Inc for helping bring more awareness to their mediation efforts.

In her spare time, Jessica enjoys family time with her children Anabelle, Arthur, Amelie, and husband Ervin Gong.